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Business Analyst Job Description

This post will explain the role and responsibilities of a Business Analyst. It will cover following points.

  1. Definition of BA
  2. Role & Responsibilities of BA
  3. job Description & qualifications requirements of Business Analyst

Who is Business Analyst (BA)?

Who is Busuiness Analyst

BA is a bridge between business and Information Technology. BA is the person who analyze the business or business domain. BA is the person who interacts with stakeholders to elicit the requirements. After requirement gathering BA analyze & validate the requirements and deliver data driven recommendation to stakeholders.

In short we can define BA as a :

  • A professional who is the bridge between business & IT
  • Who analyzes an organization or business domain and documents its business or processes or systems, assessing the business model or its integration with technology
  • Professional who is Understanding enterprise problems and goals
  • Professional who is analyzing needs and solution
  • The person who eliciting the actual needs of stakeholders
  • Professional who is generally associated with requirements elicitation/analysis and solving problems using information technology solutions
  •  Business analyst is a personal who guide the business in improving 
    through data analysis. Business Analyst are the line between IT and the business to help bridge the gap and improve efficiency

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Role & Responsibilities of A Business Analyst

Roles & Responsibilities of Business Analyst

The Main role of the BA is to coordinate with cross functional team, stakeholders and business leaders. BA is the person who coordinate with business leaders and help them to understand how data-driven changes to process, products, services, software and hardware can improve efficiencies and add value to the business.

  • Coordination with cross functional team
  • Client Interaction
  • System Analysis
  • Requirement gathering
  • Elicit, analyze & Validate the requirement
  • Documentation
  • Scoping
  • Project Management (Depending on the need)
  • Test cases and test case review
  • Wire framing and Prototypes
  • Due Diligence/Discovery
  • Understanding Document
  • Scoping (In Scope & Out of Scope)
  • Estimation
  • Requirement Prioritization
  • Determine how to improve existing business processes
  • Analyze the impact of implementing new features / solution / design
  • Design the new features to improvement & to implement
  • Improves existing process
  • Understands the business , its requirement , its functionality & its process
  • Elicitation of requirement, Prioritization of the requirements and implement those requirements onboard

Job Description & Qualifications Requirements

job Description & qualifications requirements of BA

Job Description

  1. Coordination with cross functional team, stakeholders and business leaders
  2. Provide data-driven recommendations and reports to business
  3. Facilitate Training  and Guidance to Technical Team
  4. Requirement gathering
  5. Writing Scope Document
  6. Writing Business Requirement Document, Functional Requirement Document
  7. Writing User Stories , Acceptance Criteria
  8. Writing use cases
  9. Performing User Acceptance Testing
  10. Monitoring Project Performance
  11. Conducting meetings to share idea and to discuss the issues.
  12. Giving Product demo
  13. Monitoring project status and ensuring timely completion of the tasks.

Qualifications Requirement

  1. A bachelor’s degree (preferably full time)
  2. Good documentation skill
  3. Ability to create reports and give presentations
  4. Planning and time management skills
  5. Good Communication Skills

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