Our mission is to give a practical learning experience to our students to understand the roles & responsibilities of Business Analyst in details. 

The training offered by BAT is recent real word experience with the focused practice session, rather than theory. 


A Complete Business Analyst Training To Enhance Your Skillset for Your Bright Future



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Preparing Today’s Professionals for Tomorrow’s Corporate World​

Today’s world is of rapid changes, young professionals need the right mix of skills to thrive.  Only academic skills are not sufficient for a thoughtful, productive and skilled professional.

Now days accessing any information is very easy but the real challenge is to get the appropriate & targeted information.

In today’s competitive corporate world, to meet the new demands of changing technology it is very important for professionals to develop quality skills for the great future career.

Skills like communication, teamwork, logical thinking have been always played an important role in corporate. But all these skills are going to become very crucial for upcoming generations. Advanced technology changes are transforming the corporate world. It has been estimated that millions of jobs around the globe will go unfilled due to lack of  the required skillset.

The Covid-19 pandemic is the best example that how we are more digitally connected than ever before. Because of all this scenarios a quality Business Analyst is in high demand. So, It is a right time to enhance your skillset for better tomorrow !!